CNA and HCA theory questions

1: Abraham Maslow taught that:
A: ~ Only physical needs are important
B: ~ Only psychological needs are important
C: ~ Certain needs must be met before going to others
D: ~ Self esteem is the most important human need
2: When giving a bed bath, always obtain clean bathwater after washing the:
A: ~ Abdomen.
B: ~ Legs and feet.
C: ~ Armpits.
D: ~ Face.
3: A factor that influences attitudes about death is:
A: ~ The grief process
B: ~ Cultural background
C: ~ Coping mechanisms
D: ~ Denial
4: Regular activity and exercise help improve:
A: ~ How cooperative the client is with staff
B: ~ The client’s strength
C: ~ The client’s relationship with his family
D: ~ The client’s ability to accept changes of aging
5: What is the first sign of pressure sores?
A: ~ Swelling
B: ~ Numbness
C: ~ Discoloration
D: ~ Coolness
6: What are some of the things a nursing assistant should observe about residents during dinner?
A: ~ Normal eating habit
B: ~ The resident’s dislike and likes
C: ~ The amount of fluids consumed
D: ~ All of the above
7: The nursing assistant is responsible for:
A: ~ Cutting the fingernails and toenails of all residents.
B: ~ Keeping the fingernails and toenails of residents clean.
C: ~ Filling the toenails with a nail file to round the edges.
D: ~ All of the above.
8: Decubitus ulcers (pressure ulcers) are:
A: ~ Digestive problems
B: ~ Bed sores
C: ~ Hiccups
D: ~ Contagious
9: Which sense is usually the last sense to leave the body?
A: ~ Sight
B: ~ Touch
C: ~ Hearing
D: ~ Taste
10: To treat a minor burn, a nursing assistant should:
A: ~ Use ointment
B: ~ Use grease, such as butter
C: ~ Use ice
D: ~ Use cool, clean water